Mother Teresa to be Made a Saint

Mother Teresa to be Made a Saint

The Vatican will likely approve a sainthood designation for Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Yahoo News reports.

The decision has been long-anticipated, and it is expected that Pope Francis will sign a decree approving her canonization and set a date for the official event.

A previously-scheduled ceremony to honor Mother Teresa has been set for September 5, so it is thought that the canonization will take place the day before.

It is speculated that the ceremony will take place in Rome, although the Catholic Church in India has urged the Pope to travel to Calcutta for the ceremony.

Mother Teresa was beatified in 2003--the first step to sainthood. More than 300,000 spectators came to Rome for the ceremony.

Mother Teresa was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu to an Albanian family in Macedonia and is well-known and beloved for her missionary work in India and her founding of the Catholic nuns and humanitarian workers the Missionaries of Charity.

She especially worked to help the sick, elderly, and poor in India. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. 

Publication date: March 15, 2016