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Nepal: 8 Christians Face Trial for Handing out Bibles

Nepal: 8 Christians Face Trial for Handing out Bibles

Eight Christians have been arrested in Nepal for distributing Bibles to schoolchildren, according to

The accused, who were arrested on June 8, are facing a trial for allegedly attempting to convert the schoolchildren to Christianity.

Under Nepal’s Constitution, proselytizing is forbidden. Article 26, paragraph 3 of the document states, “no person shall act or make others act in a manner which is contrary to public health, decency and morality, or...convert a person of one religion to another religion.”

The eight Christians who were arrested and accused say that they did not break any law, but were simply giving the children materials that they asked for.

Those accused include a pastor and activists for Teach Nepal.

The Federation of National Christian Nepal is calling for the eight Christians to be released. 

"Accusations against them are false and designed to create fear among other Christians," said the Federation. 

Publication date: July 13, 2016