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New Group Forms within UMC in Opposition to Homosexuality

New Group Forms within UMC in Opposition to Homosexuality

A group has formed within the United Methodist Church (UMC) due to the UMC’s division over LGBT issues.

According to, the new group, called the Wesleyan Covenant Association, formed because of the “"great uncertainty about the future of The United Methodist Church,” and says it “stands together as an alliance to advance vibrant, scriptural Christianity within Methodism."

Although the official position within the UMC is that homesexuality is inconsistent with biblical principles, there has been much disagreement within the church.

In July 2016, one Methodist church even ordained an openly lesbian bishop.

Some have accused the Wesleyan Covenant Association of trying to form a new denomination, but they allege this is not their aim.

"That is not the association's intent. The WCA hopes the UM Church can remain united. We pray we can all find ways to live as Jesus' joyful and obedient disciples in covenant with one another,” said the group.

A number of other denomination besides the UMC have dealt with controversy and disagreement over issues of homosexuality. For some, such as the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Evangelical Lutheran Church, these disagreements have resulted in schisms.


Publication date: August 11, 2016