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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns amid Sexual Harassment Accusations

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Aug 11, 2021
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns amid Sexual Harassment Accusations

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) officially tendered his resignation after 11 women accused him of sexual misconduct. 

"New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you," Cuomo said in a statement announcing his resignation, which will go into effect in two weeks. "I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing, and therefore, that's what I'll do," he added.

Cuomo's resignation comes just one week after New York Attorney General Letitia James publicly released the findings of her sexual harassment probe into the governor. According to Fox News, the report accused Cuomo, a three-term governor to New York, of sexually harassing 11 women between 2013 and 2020.

"We, the investigators appointed to conduct an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, conclude that the Governor engaged in conduct constituting sexual harassment under federal and New York State law," the report asserts.

"Specifically, we find that the Governor sexually harassed a number of current and former New York State employees by, among other things, engaging in unwelcome and nonconsensual touching, as well as making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature that created a hostile work environment for women," the report continued.

Cuomo was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with members of his own staff, other state employees and members of the public.

While initially, Cuomo asserted that he would not resign, mounting calls from prominent political figures, including President Joe Biden, to step down and threats of impeachment by New York state legislature appear to have changed the governor's mind. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will assume the governorship following Cuomo's departure from office.

In recent months, Cuomo has been embroiled in a series of scandals, including sexual harassment, underreporting COVID-19 related nursing home deaths and potentially abusing public resources while writing a book about the pandemic in New York last year, CNN reports.


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