Nigeria: Thousands of Children Facing Starvation

Nigeria: Thousands of Children Facing Starvation

Hundreds of thousands of children in Nigeria are suffering from starvation after Boko Haram militants ravaged the country. reports that the chaos in Nigeria created by Boko Haram terrorists has resulted in 20,000 murders and the displacement of nearly two million people. It has also led to severe starvation and malnutrition of many.

''I met a child today who came to our clinic, looking very thin and definitely showing signs of hunger. His parents don't live in our camp, but they brought him here for health checks," Father Maurice Kweirang, of St Theresa Catholic Church's displaced person's camp in Yola in Adamawa State, told World Watch Monitor.

Nearly a quarter of a million children in parts of Borneo State, where the conflict is the worst, are facing starvation.

Humanitarian Aid Group Doctors Without Borders found that as many as six people are dying daily from starvation or disease. Millions of people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Father Kweirang appealed for help in the crisis: "So far we are able to provide three sparse meals and other things to them, but the Church has reached its limits and we may probably run out of food in the next four months. If help does not come, we will not be able to feed these people."

Publication date: July 27, 2016