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Nigerian Authorities Arrest 'Key Figure' in Schoolgirl Abduction

Nigerian Authorities Arrest 'Key Figure' in Schoolgirl Abduction

An influential Boko Haram leader has been arrested by Nigerian authorities reports Christian Today. Babuji Ya’ari, a militant known to be heavily involved with the kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls in April is now in custody, along with two females who work for the terrorist group. 

A defense ministry spokesman said, "Babuji Ya'ari has been coordinating several deadly attacks in Maiduguri since 2011, including the daring attacks on customs and military locations as well as the planting of IEDs [improvised explosive devices] in several locations in the town.”

The capture of Ya’ari comes as citizens are criticizes President Goodluck Jonathan of failing to protect the nation against Boko Haram violence. In Borno state, Christians are particularly targeted for “religious cleansing” says Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) chief executive Mervyn Thomas.  

"While we greatly commend the Nigerian military for the breakthrough in the Chibok case and for making steady inroads into the terrorist network, we also renew our call for effective protection for civilians, particularly in southern Borno and southern Kaduna, so they can go about their daily lives without the threat of violence or death,” Thomas said. 

Publication date: July 3, 2014