Nigerian Government Knows Location of Kidnapped Girls

Nigerian Government Knows Location of Kidnapped Girls

The Nigerian military has located the almost 300 girls kidnapped from a school in Chibok over a month ago, but officials say it is too dangerous to rescue them now.

The government is in the midst of bargaining for the release of the girls, and military authorities say that taking the girls by force would lead them into a dangerous situation.

“We can’t go and kill our girls in the the name of trying to get them back.” Aire Marshal Alex Badeh said.

Demonstrators flooded the Defense Ministry headquarters following the reported discovery of the girls’ whereabouts the AP reports.

“We want our girls back. I can tell you we can do it. Our military can do it. But where they are held, can we go with force?” Badeh asked the crowd of demonstrators.

“No!” the crowd of thousands responded.

President Goodluck Jonathan is reportedly behind the military’s decision to wait to rescue the girls until their safety can be guaranteed. Jonathan “empowered us to do the work,” Badeh said.

Military officials have not released where the girls were found.


Publication date: May 27, 2014