No Injuries after Armed Man Enters Memphis Church Easter Sunday

No Injuries after Armed Man Enters Memphis Church Easter Sunday

Bellevue Baptist Church, a megachurch in Memphis, received a scare when an armed man entered the building on Easter Sunday. The perpetrator was Marcus Donald, 31. 

Charisma News reports Donald was carrying “several guns.” 

The church was filled with 4,500 people at the time Donald attempted entry. However, Bellevue security personnel were ready for such an incident and stopped the man before he entered the sanctuary. Memphis police arrested him and no one was injured. 

In 2014, CBN News interviewed Bellevue about the church’s vigilant security standards. 

Andy Willis, head of church security said, "Today, churches that speak the truth, that teach and preach true biblical principles, they draw a lot of attention because there are a lot of components of society today that don't want to hear that.” 

He continued that while churches should trust God, it is important to be prepared as well. 

“The biggest thing that makes me cringe when I talk to other churches about security is they will say, 'We don't have security; we're just praying that nothing happens.’”

"It's important for us to understand that while we are to trust God, God has a big part for us to play in His plan,” Willis said. 

Bellevue said in a statement after the incident, "A heavily armed man entered our building today about 11 a.m. He was stopped by our security people before he could enter the sanctuary, and was subsequently arrested by Memphis Police. We are thankful for the diligence of our security people and the Memphis Police Department."

Publication date: March 30, 2016