North Korean Propaganda Video Teaches People to Silence Christians, Calls Them 'Spies'

North Korean Propaganda Video Teaches People to Silence Christians, Calls Them 'Spies'

A video uncovered by a Christian nonprofit organization shows how North Korea is teaching people in the country to identify and silence Christians and other religious believers.

According to the Christian Post, the video from the Voice of the Martyrs tells the story of Christian evangelist Cha Deoksun who illegally fled to China to find her uncle. She came across Christian church Seotap Church.

But the video calls the church a place for “spies” and an “anti-republic” community.

“Seotap Church is operated by disguised pastors from the puppet South Korea government’s secret service,” the video says. “It harbors homeless illegal trespassers, providing anti-republic (anti-North Korean) religious study, effectively training them as spies.”

The video says Deoksun became a “fanatical believer” and came to North Korea to launch an underground Christian network.

“She was completely fooled by the enemy,” it says.

Deoksun eventually turned herself in for illegally crossing into China and she was released.

“Instead of being grateful for the forgiving policy party (the Workers’ Party of Korea), she gave thanks to the ‘God of mercy,’” the video states.

The video called her a “spy” who tried to recruit others while “on a mission from the enemy, absurdly trying to establish the kingdom of God.” Deoksun, the video says, was reported and found by officials.

“It is unclear how Deoksun died, but it is possible that she was executed,” the Voice of the Martyrs said in a statement. The group said she “served the Lord without recognition, just as many North Korean Christians do today, despite their government’s attempts to eradicate Christianity.”

Photo courtesy: Pixabay