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Parade of Cars Gather to Thank New York Pastor For Passing Out Emergency Kits to Struggling Families

  • Amanda Casanova Contributor
  • Published May 12, 2020
Parade of Cars Gather to Thank New York Pastor For Passing Out Emergency Kits to Struggling Families

A parade of cars gathered together earlier this month to thank New York pastor Francisco Fernandez.

According to CBN News, Fernandez, who leads Iglesia Sol De Justicia in Brooklyn, received a parade of car horns and applause from riders in cars last week in front of the church.

"I always tell everybody, you God be the glory of all things, you know, it's not about me. It's all about Him," he said.

"I'm no hero. I'm just God's hands and feet where he needs me."

Fernandez worked with Christian aid group World Vision to help pass out emergency kits that would feed a family of five for one week. The work started in early April.

"The community's greatest need right now is food," Fernandez said. "They're crying out for food. They're hungry. This is a time we need to step out of the four walls.

“A lot of people lost their jobs, they’re having a harder time getting food, some of the places, the lines are so long, everybody that’s calling me are people that no longer have any money, some people just can’t make it,” he said.

Fernandez said he was homeless before and understands the need for food.

"I know the need. I know what hunger is. I know what it is to go without food, without a place," he said.

World Vision manager Sandy Aguila-Rosa said Fernandez even delivered meals to families who were unable to visit the distribution site.

"So many people were dying of COVID-19. And he was here working until midnight with his wife and some volunteers, delivering food to the people that wouldn't come out because they were afraid," Aguila-Rosa said. "He knew their need as well."

Fernandez also works as a New York state chaplain, a mechanic for the Transit Authority and as a neighborhood police liaison.

"He's appreciated. He is loved ... We are grateful for all the times he's been there. He's a teacher, a mentor," parishioner Gledny Rodriguez told Fox News.

Photo courtesy: Banter Snaps/Unsplash

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