Pastor Allegedly Stabbed by His Own Parishioner

Pastor Allegedly Stabbed by His Own Parishioner

A pastor in California has reportedly been stabbed and killed by one of his own parishioners.

According to Charisma News, Pastor Herbert “Herb” Valero was hosting Servando Ayala Silva, a church member, at his home because the man had requested prayer

Valero and Silva stepped outside for a moment and when Valero came back inside, he had a severe stab wound on his neck where Silva allegedly stabbed him, for no discernible reason.

"What started off as what seems to have been a peaceful meeting, for some reason it went south," Commander Stanley Cooper of the Salinas, California Police Department said.

Valero later died of his wounds.

People who knew the pastor said he was committed to his faith and to serving others.

"Pastor Herb ... has spent his life committed to reaching people with the message of hope and love of Jesus Christ. He traveled internationally with the same message of hope to reach the lives of people who were affected by drug addiction and gang violence," read a statement from Victory Outreach International in Salinas, which Valero had founded.

Valero worked to end gang violence and was very involved in his local community.

"Three decades later, his legacy of family and ministry has left a path for people to change their lives," the statement from Victory International continued.


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Publication date: March 17, 2017