Pastor: Evangelicals’ Hate toward Muslims Hurting, Not Helping

Pastor: Evangelicals’ Hate toward Muslims Hurting, Not Helping

A Texas pastor who has worked to build Christian-Muslim relations warns that those American Christians who are hateful to Muslims are actually helping to cause the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Dr. Bob Roberts, the senior pastor of Northwood Church in Texas, said he is “very concerned” about Christian-Muslim relationships in the United States.

According to The Christian Post, Roberts had been part of a meeting of some 200 Muslim leaders in Morocco in January who met to write a document aimed at protecting the freedom of religious minorities in Muslim-majority countries.

"The idea of an Evangelical is that we want the whole world to hear the news of Jesus, yet we have the most negative attitude. And people with an even worse attitude than [such people] are the pastors of those churches," he said.

"To me, that shows the condition of a heart toward loving our neighbor. It's not just bad for us, we are creating a nightmare for Christians around the world."

Roberts said American Christians need to be aware that their statements affect Christians all around the world.

"When Christians make harsh statements against the Muslims around the world, it just makes things far more difficult. Christians actually increase Christian persecution around the world in America by being hateful to Muslims. And those are your brothers in Christ. The world is connected," he said.

Publication date: June 2, 2016