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Pastor's Ex-Wife Creates 'Christian Erotica' to 'Save' Marriages

Pastor's Ex-Wife Creates 'Christian Erotica' to 'Save' Marriages

A Christian author whose marriage to a pastor fell apart after 15 years has invented the genre of “Christian erotica” with the intent to save the marriages of others. DiShan Washington, a pastor’s daughter from Alabama says the idea came to her when she realized that sexual issues eventually destroyed her own marriage. 

The Christian Post reports Washington now urges Christian women to understand the keeping things “spicy” in marriage is healthy. 

Washington said, "How do I get Christian women to remove the stigma that being erotic is sinful or somehow shameful and embarrassing? That is where it all comes from. One day I just decided that I was going to write a more tasteful version of what I had read in the other books."

The author has now written several books in the “Christian erotica” genre including “The Preacher’s Wifey,” “Diary of a Mad First Lady,” and “Diary of a Mad First Lady 2” which will be released this year. All of Washington’s book highlight the importance of married sex. 

Washington said, “...all of the characters in my books, as well as in my film, are married. I don't promote premarital sex. My goal is to help save marriages."

Publication date: July 24, 2015