Pastor Says He Will Host 'Woodstock'-Like Easter Service in Protest of 'Stay at Home' Orders

  • Amanda Casanova Contributor
  • Published Apr 01, 2020
Pastor Says He Will Host 'Woodstock'-Like Easter Service in Protest of 'Stay at Home' Orders

A pastor in Pennsylvania says he is planning an outdoor “Woodstock”-like Easter service to protest stay-at-home orders issued amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Fox News, evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth says he will have an “outdoor Easter blowout service.”

"I’m gonna announce it. … We’re gonna hold an outdoor Easter blowout service. Not online. A national gathering. You come from all over, like Woodstock. And we’re gonna gather and lift up Jesus Christ," he said.

Shuttlesworth’s announcement comes just days after a Florida pastor was arrested for holding in-person Sunday services. He was accused to violating quarantine orders by holding the service at his River at Tampa Bay Church.

"I’m not ashamed that Dr. Rodney (Howard-Browne) got arrested,” Shuttlesworth said. “I’m ashamed that when they wanted to arrest preachers for having church, in an entire state, there was only one to come for."

Shuttlesworth posted about Howard-Browne’s arrest on Twitter as well.

"Pastor arrested for having a church service in his own building on Sunday, just like 1938 Germany... and just like 1938 Germany, other pastors say nothing, or applaud the arrest!," Shuttlesworth wrote on Twitter.

He also live-streamed a broadcast he called, “The Rodney Howard-Browne Tribute Special.”

Shuttlesworth also made headlines in early March for calling European churches who closed their doors because of the outbreak a “bunch of sissies.”

“Shame on every European full gospel church, bunch of sissies, that shut down during this thing,” he said.

“Catholic Church not having holy water in the lobby — how holy is the water then?” he said. “That should be a sign to you that your whole religion’s a fraud. Any faith that doesn’t work in real life is a fake faith. Totally fake.”

He also said using hand sanitizer was for a “bunch of pansies.”

“If you’re putting out pamphlets and telling everybody to use Purell before they come into the sanctuary and don’t greet anyone, you should just turn in your ministry credentials and burn your church down — turn it into a casino or something,” he said. “You’re a loser. Bunch of pansies... Got neutered somewhere along the line and don’t even realize it.”

Photo courtesy: Nicholas Green/Unsplash

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