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Pastor Starts #GreatJoys Movement after Alyssa Milano Boasts about Her Abortions

Pastor Starts #GreatJoys Movement after Alyssa Milano Boasts about Her Abortions

In response to Alyssa Milano’s tweet that her previous abortions allowed her “great joys” in life, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship asked Twitter followers to post a photo of their children with the hashtag #greatjoys.

Jarrid Wilson, pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship and founder of the non-profit Anthem of Hope, posted a tweet Wednesday.

“Everyone should post a picture of their kids and use the hashtag #greatjoys,” he said in his Tweet.

“Children are our future, and a blessing from God, not a burden that so many people — specifically people who are only focused on their own achievement and goals — make them out to be,” Wilson told Faithwire.

Milano had previously talked about her past abortions on her podcast “Sorry Not Sorry.” In the 1990s, she said she had two abortions months apart from each other.

She added that abortion “was absolutely the right choice for me” because she was “not ready” to be a parent.

“My life would be completely lacking all its great joys,” she continued. “I would never had been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom.”

But Wilson said children aren’t a burden.

“I believe our world needs to stop treating them that way,” he said. “Whether she wants to admit it or not, she now has two children in heaven whom she will never experience the joy of parenting.

“Is choosing abortion unforgivable?” Wilson added. “Not at all. But I believe Alyssa’s views on the subject to be both harmful and mentally disturbing.”

He also asked that Milano reconsider her view on abortion and parenthood.

“I don’t know Alyssa personally,” Wilson said, “but I’m praying she really thinks about the totality of what she’s saying on public platforms, especially in regards to situations that encompass the reality of life and death.”

Photo courtesy: Jarrid Wilson's Twitter