Pastor Vows to Destroy Florida Teacher’s Demonic Display at Public Park

Pastor Vows to Destroy Florida Teacher’s Demonic Display at Public Park

A Florida pastor has vowed to destroy a Satanic display which a teacher plans to erect in a local public park.

According to, Preston Smith teaches language arts at Boca Raton Community Middle School. Smith has reportedly angered parents previously by seeming to encourage his students in his anti-Christian views. Now Smith plans to erect a monument to Satan at a local park, Sanborn Square.

The display will feature a large metal pentagram as well as signs saying “May the Children Hail Satan,” “In Satan We Trust,” and “One Nation under Antichrist.”

Mark Boykin of the Church of All Nations in Boca Raton has taken issue with Smith’s intent to erect the display and has accused Smith of “putting out a welcome mat for Satan.”

“I think this is reprehensible. I think it's an insult to our city. ...It's evil, it's the essence of evil. I will take the responsibility for taking the sledgehammer and knocking it down,” Boykin added.

Boca Raton’s mayor Susan Haynie agreed with Boykin that the display was “extremely offensive,” but said the city council was going to honor free speech and allow Smith to erect the display.

Smith has defended the display by stating, ''’May the Children Hail Satan' is an artistic expression of defiance toward the Sanborn Square nativity scene, which performs an annual re-enactment of predatory indoctrination in a public park targeting young children before they have critical thinking skills. Satan and God are clearly both fictional characters devoid of any verifiable peer-reviewed scientific evidence.”


Publication date: September 28, 2017