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People Gathered in Hurricane Shelter Break into Spontaneous Worship

People Gathered in Hurricane Shelter Break into Spontaneous Worship

Victims of Hurricane Harvey who were housed in the Lone Star Convention and Expo Center just north of Houston broke out into a spontaneous time of worship.

According to, the worship session was begun by local woman Victoria White who led the singing of gospel songs with her strong and soulful voice.

The video was recorded and posted on social media and has since received nearly 10 million views.

White spoke about the time of worship in a Facebook post: “Y’all, THE GOSPEL IS GOING VIRAL!!! This blows me AWAY (and that’s no easy task)! I had no idea this was being recorded, but God had a plan! Not only did He want to Love on those gathered in Lonestar Expo Center who suffered loss at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, but He wanted to love on people across the world who were dealing with their own personal storms!!!”

White also encouraged people to contribute to the hurricane relief efforts in any way they can:

“Get out and SERVE if you can! If you’re in the Houston area and you can get out…..GO SERVE those who were impacted the most by this storm! If you’re in California, or New York, the Carolinas or Alabama – there is SOMEONE in your community, in your state, in the world who needs something you have…..GO SERVE!!! Let this video be a reminder that you can use whatever gifts and resources, big or small, to bless someone else!”

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Publication date: August 31, 2017