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Pakistan Students Return to School after Attack that Killed 134 Children

Pakistan Students Return to School after Attack that Killed 134 Children

Students in Pakistan returned to school for the first time today (Jan. 12) after Taliban members attacked a school in Peshawar on Dec. 16. Schools across the nation had remained closed in an extended winter break following the attack as authorities made plans to improve school security. 

The attack at an army-run school in Peshawar killed 134 students. 

Christian Today reports that army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif met with parents of Peshawar students before the new term began, assuring them that the terrorists would be eliminated from Pakistan. 

Memories of the attack were still fresh, prompting some parents not to attend the meeting. 

Christian Today reports one father said, "Yes I was invited to the function and meeting with the army chief. I couldn't dare to go to the school where my sweet son was ruthlessly killed. And what would I get from meeting the army chief when they couldn't even save my young son and children of many other parents?

"It feels like my son died once again today. When I saw other children going to schools‎ it reminded me of my son. I went to his room and helplessly sat in front of his school bags and school dress."

Pakistan is now constructing eight-foot walls around public schools for protection. Citizens have also volunteered to stand guard at school entrances as part of the enhanced security measures.

Publication date: January 12, 2015