Phil Robertson on Trump: ‘I’ll Vote for Him, No Question’

Phil Robertson on Trump: ‘I’ll Vote for Him, No Question’

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said he will endorse Donald Trump for president now that Ted Cruz is out of the race. reports that Robertson initially endorsed Cruz for president because Cruz is a “strict constitutionalist” who believes in the Bible and Christian values.

After Cruz dropped out following a crushing loss in Indiana, Robertson decided to join his son, Willie, in supporting Trump.

Although he admits Trump is not his first choice, he says, "I'll be enthusiastically behind him [Trump]. I look at the other side and have watched the last eight years. And I just have to go with someone within the Republican Party."

"I look at the alternative, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – and then honestly I look at Trump and say, 'What kind of leader is Trump going to be?' No one really knows. It will just sort itself out," he says. "But they're putting him in there against Hillary Clinton – and it looks like it's going to be her – so I'll definitely be there for him,” Robertson continued.

For his part, Trump said it was an honor to have the support of both Robertsons:

"Wow! Such a great honor to have Phil's endorsement," he says. "His son, Willie, has become a great friend of my son, Don. What a great family."

“Trump’s in. So I’ll vote for him, no question,” concluded Robertson.

Publication date: May 12, 2016