Photo of Soldier Erecting Cross on Easter Sunday in Iraq Goes Viral

Photo of Soldier Erecting Cross on Easter Sunday in Iraq Goes Viral

A photo of an Iraqi soldier erecting a cross on the top of a pile of rubble on Easter Sunday has captured the attention of the internet.

In the photo, the soldier, who remains anonymous, is seen carrying a wooden cross up a mound of rubble that was once Mt. Sinjar Church.

According to The Stream, the Iraqi city of Sinjar was overtaken by the Islamic State in 2014. The jihadists murdered more than 5,000 Yazidi men and captured 7,000 Yazidi women for sex slaves there. They also destroyed homes, churches, and other buildings.

The entire city was practically destroyed, which is a major reason why the photo of the soldier planting the cross among so much destruction is such a moving image.

The scene was posted on Facebook by Palestinian-American Christian televangelist Hazem Farraj.

Above the photo, Farrag wrote: “With a rifle on his shoulder, tears in his eyes, he places the cross on the top of the now ISIS destroyed Mt Sinjar Church. What does resurrection look like? This. Happy Easter everybody. #Resurrection #Jesus”

The images of the soldier had gained more than 24,000 likes and had been retweeted nearly 14,000 times by Wednesday. Actor and producer James Woods even retweeted the photos.



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Publication date: April 20, 2017