President Trump on Response to Hurricane Harvey: 'We Want to do it Better Than Ever Before'

President Trump on Response to Hurricane Harvey: 'We Want to do it Better Than Ever Before'

President Trump visited Texas yesterday to ensure that Texas residents are receiving the help they need in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While there, the President said he hopes the relief efforts in Texas can be a model of how to handle natural disasters in the future.

According to the Washington Examiner, the President stated, “We want to do it better than ever before. We want to be looked at in five years and 10 years from now as, this is the way to do it. This was of epic proportion. No one has ever seen anything like this."

The President and First Lady Melania landed in Corpus Christi on Tuesday and met with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other officials who are coordinating the rescue efforts. Some areas of Texas have seen an unprecedented 50 inches of rain and the entire Texas National Guard has been deployed.

“I just want to say in working with the governor and his entire team has been an honor for us," the President added.

Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey is being closely scrutinized, especially because the last Republican president to face a major hurricane--President George W. Bush--was criticized for the way he handled the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Many are reflecting back on that devastating hurricane which hit the U.S. almost exactly 12 years ago.

The President will reportedly return to Texas on Saturday to visit other areas of the state which were heavily hit by Harvey.


Photo: President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk on the South Lawn towards Marine One prior to their departure from the White House August 29, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump was traveling to Texas to observe the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. 

Photo courtesy: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Publication date: August 30, 2017