Presidential Candidates Yet to Address Christian Persecution

Presidential Candidates Yet to Address Christian Persecution

The presidential candidates talked about a number of different topics including the economy, terrorism, and trade at Monday night’s debate, but the issue of Christian persecution did not come up.

Open Doors USA, a Christian persecution ministry, is hoping to change that.

According to, Open Doors wants to raise awareness of Christian persecution so that the candidates will have to address the issue and lay out their plans for dealing with it during a future debate.

"We're proposing meetings with the different candidates to see if they will come and meet with us to learn more about Christian persecution, and we would love to know what their platform is going to be, what their plan of action is," said Emily Fuentes, a spokeswoman for Open Doors.

"And the hope would be that this could come as a question from the moderator or a question from those in the audience who are able to attend these events,” Fuentes added. “We're just really trying to get the word out, so it can become a top issue in many different facets."

Open Doors will also be holding live Facebook discussions on the issue of Christian persecution during the debates. They have also started a petition aimed at getting the candidates to address the issue.

"There are a lot of different plans of action that the candidates could do,” Fuentes said. “We just want to hear what it is so it's not just words but an actual plan."


Publication date: September 29, 2016