Prominent Syriac Church Damaged by Missile Fire

Prominent Syriac Church Damaged by Missile Fire

A prominent Syriac Catholic church in Aleppo, Syria has been damaged by missile fire when the Free Syrian Army broke a recent ceasefire. reports that the church, the Cathedral of Our Lady, is located in a predominantly Christian section of the city.

Pastor Ibrahim Alsabagh recalled the incident: "Neither the bishop nor his vicar were present at the time, and this prevented casualties or injuries. The damages to the building remain.”

Alsabagh went on to say that Aleppo’s citizens are exhausted by the conflict. Although a number of ceasefires have been reached, none have yet been lasting. There were 23 recorded violations of the recent ceasefire in a single day.

Thousands of citizens remain trapped in Aleppo in need of basic necessities. Terrorists are blockading the roads in and out of the city.

"Since the beginning of the truce, a relative palpable calm prevails,” stated Alsabagh. “However, missiles and rockets against homes and churches have broken this apparent normality. They are sudden and maintain a climate of instability and insecurity."


Publication date: September 19, 2016