Reverend Libby Lane Named First Female Bishop

Reverend Libby Lane Named First Female Bishop

The Church of England has named Reverend Libby Lane the Bishop of Stockport one month after the Church decided to allow women to serve as bishops, a historic change in canon law. 

Women were first permitted to serve as priests in the Church of England 20 years ago; Lane served as a priest when women were first able to do so in 1994, and had held the position of vicar at St. Peter’s Hale and St. Elizabeth’s Ashley since 2007. 

The position that Lane will fill had been open since May BBC reported

Lane said in a public statement at the Stockport town hall that she was surprised and honored by the appointment. 

"This is unexpected and very exciting," she said. "I'm honored and thankful to be called to serve as the next Bishop of Stockport and not a little daunted to be entrusted with such a ministry."

English Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated Lane saying, "This is an historic appointment and an important step forward for the Church towards greater equality in its senior positions.”

Publication date: December 17, 2014