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Rob Bell Says He Rarely Uses Word 'Christian,' Believes Jesus Wouldn't Approve

Rob Bell Says He Rarely Uses Word 'Christian,' Believes Jesus Wouldn't Approve

Author and former megachurch pastor Rob Bell said in a recent interview that he tries to avoid the word “Christian.” According to the controversial Love Wins author, Jesus would be mortified that Christianity started in his name. 

Bell told Uproxx, "I don't actually use the word 'Christian' much, because I think Jesus would be mortified that a religion with very strong codes of in-and-out had started in his name.” 

He continued, "I don't have a problem with the word 'Christian,' I just don't think it's the point, and I actually think, oftentimes, it gets in the way. Especially in the word 'Christianity,' which implies some big sort of cumbersome system, when at the heart is a Christ who invites us to live in the world in a particular way."

Bell also said that religion is used by some people to “bolster” their egos. 

"I met so many people who would never call themselves a Christian who were so Jesus-y, and I met so many people who were loud and outspoken about how they were Christians who didn't seem like they were Jesus-like at all," Bell said. 

"I don't find the categories helpful at all. I think what Jesus is doing is calling us beyond form. To not clutch and cling to some of these forms, but to let go of them."

The Christian Post reports Bell founded Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, but resigned in 2011 after Love Wins received criticism for questioning the existence of hell and Jesus Christ being the only way to salvation.

Publication date: May 23, 2016