Russell Moore Calls Christians to Stand against Roy Moore

Russell Moore Calls Christians to Stand against Roy Moore

The allegations against Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore are increasing with every passing day. Although some conservatives and Christians continue to back Moore, others are speaking out and condemning his behavior.

Recently, Russell Moore, the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, commented on the controversial situation.

Moore tweeted:

According to, five women have now accused Moore of sexual assault.

Although Roy Moore calls himself a Christian, Russell Moore has called on the Christian community to be a place that protects “vulnerable women and girls.”

He further tweeted:

Roy Moore has denied all of the allegations, and some Republicans and Christians continue to support him, if only to prevent his Democrat opponent Doug Jones from winning the open Senate seat.

Although Alabama is historically a Republican-friendly state, due to the allegations, polls are showing that Jones is gaining on Moore’s lead.

Like Russell Moore, more influential conservatives are saying they believe the allegations and are calling on the GOP to back a different candidate.

Recently, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also said he believes the allegations against Moore, stating, “But when you put the whole puzzle together it’s pretty hard not to believe it; it has a ring of truth and we’re gonna lose a seat we shouldn’t win, and to my good friends in Alabama, your decision in the next coming weeks will determine whether or not Trump’s agenda’s successful because I don’t think Mr. Jones could be an effective senator given the baggage he has, and looks like Mr. Jones is on course to win, and he’s not gonna help us at all.”


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: November 16, 2017