Saeed Abedini Opens Up about Torture in Iranian Prison

Saeed Abedini Opens Up about Torture in Iranian Prison

Recently released pastor Saeed Abedini opened up in an interview about his experience being imprisoned for three years in Iran.

Fox News reports that Saeed was interviewed in an “On the Record” exclusive interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. 

Saeed explained in the interview that he was imprisoned because the Iranian government accused him of attempting to undermine the Muslim state with his Christian faith

Saeed says he was in Iran to spread the Gospel and to open orphanages.

Van Susteren asked Saeed if he was tortured while in captivity. “Once they beat me very badly because they wanted me to write something I didn’t want,” Saeed responded, referencing the documents the Iranian provided to try to to ruin Saeed’s reputation and make him recant his faith.

Saeed shared about the severe beatings and threats he received, as well as the horrific executions he was made to watch.

"The worst thing I saw was when they took some Sunnis for execution, it was in front of our eyes, and they took like tens of them to hang, every Wednesday,” he said. 

For the most part, Saeed was kept in solitary confinement, but for 60 days he was imprisoned with retired U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati.

“I made a plan that I could talk to him, encourage him,” said Saeed. “The best thing I could do over there was praying.” 

Saeed is currently back in the U.S. He and his family are receiving counsel for his traumatic experience, as well as for their marital issues.

Publication date: January 26, 2016