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Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Jail for Violating Restraining Order

Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Jail for Violating Restraining Order

Saeed Abedini, the Iranian-American pastor who was formerly imprisoned in Iran, was recently sentenced to jail in the U.S. for violating a restraining order.

According to, Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, filed a restraining order against him just five days after he was released from prison in Iran where he was reportedly being held due to his Christian faith.

He was sentenced by Ada County Magistrate Daniel Steckel to 180 days in jail, but was ultimately only required to serve five days, in exchange for completing four days of community service. He also had to pay a $500 fine and was placed on unsupervised probation for two years.

Abedini converted to Christianity from Islam in 2000 and moved to the U.S. from Iran with Naghmeh in 2005. He became a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen in 2010.

While he was being held in prison in Iran, Naghmeh had advocated on her husband’s behalf, even meeting with then-President Obama to try to secure his release.

Abedini was released in January 2016, as part of a prisoner swap the U.S. negotiated with Iran, which was also related to the Iran nuclear deal.

Although a tireless advocate for her husband, Naghmeh revealed two months prior to his release from the Iranian prison that she suffered abuse in their marriage.

Abedini has admitted that he and his wife were working through some marital issues, but he ultimately denied Naghmeh’s allegations. A divorce is reportedly pending.

The couple also has two children whom Abedini is allowed to see, but the magistrate ruled that there must be a third person who brings the children from Naghmeh’s home to Saeed’s home. Abedini was also ordered to remain at least 300 yards away from where Naghmeh lives in Boise, Idaho.


Publication date: February 15, 2017