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Scottish Episcopal Church Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

Scottish Episcopal Church Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

The Scottish Episcopal Church passed a motion that may allow same sex marriages pending a final vote next year.

According to, the church’s general synod voted to amend its policy on marriage to remove language that marriage is between “one man and one woman.”

Scotland’s seven dioceses would need to take a vote before the decision is final.

But Friday, the House of Bishops passed the change with 71 percent of the vote in favor, while the House of Clergy passed it with 69 percent in favor, and the House of Laity passed it with 80 percent of the vote in favor.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Scottish Episcopal Church could face “consequences” for changing its doctrine. A spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury did not comment.

"Maybe it is a price worth paying for the ultimate healing of the Communion,” said Most Rev. David Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway and Acting Convener of the Church's Faith and Order Board, said the vote signaled an important change in the church.

 "The passing of the first reading today will bring great joy to some; for others it will be matter of great difficulty," he said. "The wording of the proposed change recognizes that there are differing views of marriage within our Church and we have attempted, and will continue to attempt, to sustain our unity in the midst of our diversity."

Publication date: June 10, 2016