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Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Tour Heads to D.C. for 'Day of Prayer for America' on 9/11

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Sep 09, 2021
Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Tour Heads to D.C. for 'Day of Prayer for America' on 9/11

Worship leader Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" tour is headed to Washington D.C. this week to honor those who lost their lives 20 years ago in the September 11 terrorist attacks in D.C. and New York City.

According to CBN News, Feucht has invited fellow worshippers to join him at the National Mall for a "Day of Prayer for America" at 6 pm on Saturday, September 11.

While initially hoping to meet for the day of prayer in October, Feucht admitted that it was a "total God setup" that the only available dates were in September.

"I didn't want this day. When I asked the National Park Service for a permit just like we did last year, I wanted a date in October," Feucht told CBN News in an interview. "They came back to me and said, 'Actually we can't give you a date in October, the only dates we have available are September 11 and 12.' And I knew in that moment this was a total God setup."

He echoed these sentiments in an Instagram post, writing, "With each passing day it seems God has divinely orchestrated this moment on the National Mall 'for such a time as this!'"

He added that the event falls on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, follows the largest military combat loss of life in over ten years, and is happening amid a "crisis of leadership & direction in America" and "historic division in the church."

"Our only hope is in the Lord, our god!!! We gather in unity to pray, humble ourselves and seek his face," Feucht concluded.

Sean Feucht to hold Day of prayer in DC

In a subsequent Instagram post, Feucht shared that he personally invited the last four U.S. Presidents, including the sitting U.S. president, to attend the event. Former President Donald Trump was reportedly the only president to respond to the invitation.

Letter to the President, Feucht invites 4 presidents to Day of Prayer event in DC

"I just feel like we're in the middle of a leadership crisis in America ... I think everyone would understand that. I think having the former president give an address where he calls America to pray, honor the fallen, honor the military, which I don't feel like has been done in a great way from this current administration. We need somebody of that caliber, of that level to call America to pray, but also to give us some reassurance that we're not in this thing alone," Feucht told CBN News.

Trump may make a video appearance at the event.

Feucht started his Let Us Worship tour events last year to push back against COVID-19 restrictions and social media censorship of conservative voices. The tour has stopped in over 132 cities across the United States, and thousands of people have joined Feucht in worshipping the Lord.

Photo courtesy: ©Sean Feucht Facebook, Feucht performing in Vegas

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