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Sierra Leone: Ebola Crisis Sparks Fighting During Lockdown

Sierra Leone: Ebola Crisis Sparks Fighting During Lockdown

Officials in Sierra Leone have ordered civilians to stay in their homes during a temporary lockdown to combat the Ebola virus. After the announcement was made, several people ran away from their homes and some fighting broke out reports The BLAZE.

In one district, police were called in this weekend to help a burial team that was attacked by residents while they were trying to bury five Ebola victims. The bodies of Ebola victims are very contagious.

Most people, however, are complying with the order and are staying at home. Health care workers are spreading out in the country to hand out soap and help people learn how to prevent Ebola.

Idrissa Kargbo is among the volunteers who are going door-to-door to educate families about the virus. Kargbo said, “Some people are still denying, but now when you go to almost any house they say, ‘Come inside, come and teach us what we need to do to prevent. Nobody is annoyed by us.”

So far the virus has killed about 560 people in Sierra Leone and more than 2,600 in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization. The disease kills about half of the people it infects.

Publication date: September 22, 2014