Soldier Gives Special Gifts to Young Boys Who Thanked Him for His Service

Soldier Gives Special Gifts to Young Boys Who Thanked Him for His Service

Two young boys who went out of their way to thank a soldier for his service received unexpected gifts.

The Blaze reports that six-year-old Jadyn and his younger brother, Gregory, were shopping at their local Georgia Walmart with their mother when they spotted a soldier in uniform.

Jadyn wanted to thank the soldier “because he fights for our freedom.” He promptly approached the soldier and did just that.

The soldier then took two patches off his uniform and gave one to each of the boys in exchange for their gratitude.

The boys’ mother, Destiny, told WAGA-TV that “the look on Jadyn’s face was pure joy and excitement.”

“It made me feel very good … it made me feel special,” Jadyn said. “I want to find him so we can make him a thank you note and know his name. He’s my hero.”

The family has since posted the story to social media in an effort to locate the soldier. By searching the patches online, Destiny was able to find out that the soldier is part of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. 

Destiny shared that she and her boys have felt so blessed. The “whole experience has been overwhelming. With all the negative in the world, it’s wonderful to see something so sweet happen … It is something they will remember for a lifetime … My boys, as well as myself, will treasure them forever. We are planning on framing them for the boys’ room!”

Publication date: February 1, 2016