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Study: Top Colleges Invite More Liberal Than Conservative Graduation Speakers

Study: Top Colleges Invite More Liberal Than Conservative Graduation Speakers

A new study has revealed that more of the nation’s top universities invite liberal speakers rather than conservative speakers to deliver their graduation address.

The Blaze reports that the study was conducted by Young America’s Foundation and found that, of 100 of the nation’s top colleges, 45 invited liberal speakers to deliver the graduation address in 2017, while only four invited a conservative.

The other colleges surveyed invited speakers with unclear ideological views, invited multiple speakers, had the college’s president as the speaker, or had not yet announced their graduation speaker.

Still, the odds of 45 to four seem to suggest a problem in the ideological diversity of today’s universities.

Additionally, when conservative speakers are invited, they are often heckled or protested, such as in the case of Vice President Mike Pence’s graduation address at Notre Dame last week or Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s graduation address at Bethune-Cookman University.

“America’s top colleges and universities are out of touch with America’s young people, and continue to rob students of the chance to think critically,” said Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown. “Instead, these ‘leading’ institutions feed students a never-ending stream of one-sided lessons. That’s not education, it’s indoctrination.”

President Trump gave the graduation address at Liberty University, but although the college, run by Trump supporter Jerry Falwell, Jr., is the largest Christian university, it does not qualify as one of the nation’s top colleges.


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Publication date: May 23, 2017