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Suicide Bombers Kill 126 in Yemen Mosque Attacks

Suicide Bombers Kill 126 in Yemen Mosque Attacks

Over one hundred people were killed in Friday when suicide bombers attacked two mosques in Yemen’s capital city of Sana. The New York Times reports that a group that purported to be Yemen’s faction of ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings. 

Christian Today reports 126 people were killed and the attacks and 260 were wounded; the death toll is expected to rise. 

Another suicide bomber was discovered making his way to a third mosque in Saada but the bomb strapped to his body detonated early, killing him and no bystanders. 

Both mosques were crowded for weekly prayers when the suicide bombers entered the buildings. 

Christian Today reports United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned "the terrorist attacks" and ordered everyone "to immediately cease all hostile actions and exercise maximum restraint.” 

Yemeni ISIS supporters wrote on Twitter, "God willing, this operation is only a part of the coming flood."

Publication date: March 20, 2015