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Super Wolf Blood Moon to Occur This Month, Is This a Sign of War in the Middle East?

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Jan 07, 2019
Super Wolf Blood Moon to Occur This Month, Is This a Sign of War in the Middle East?

A Super Blood Wolf Moon is set to grace the night sky between January 20 and January 21 this year, and some are marking it as a sign of war in the Middle East. 

First thing is first, what is a “Super Blood Wolf Moon?” 

A Super Blood Wolf Moon is first a Super Moon. A Super Moon occurs when the moon is at the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Earth. According to USA Today, the moon can look up to 14 percent bigger during this point in its orbit.

Second, it is a Blood Moon. Blood Moons were given their name because of the brassy-red color the moon turns when the Earth blocks the majority of the sunlight from reaching it. Just like how your finger turns red when you press your finger against your phone light, the moon will shine as red because light is still passing through Earth’s atmosphere, only the blue is being filtered out, USA Today reports.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, a Full moon in January is called the Wolf Moon. The Almanac notes that this specific type of moon has been referred to as a Wolf Moon since Native American and Colonial times because it “appear[s] when wolves howled in hunger outside of villages.” Essentially the wolf part of the name refers to the fact the moon is full.   

Now we have a massive, full, red-colored moon… so what? Well, it’s about to eclipse.

According to Mental Floss, the Super Blood Wolf Moon is set to totally eclipse Between 9:12 pm on January 20 and 12:12 am on January 21. The eclipse, which will be seen in North America, comes exactly one year after a Super Blood Wolf Moon total eclipse occurred over the Middle East and it also happens to occur on the same day President Trump was inaugurated two years ago, WND reports.

In his book on the Biblical significance of blood moons, Pastor Mark Biltz notes that celestial bodies work “as signs to mark sacred times.”

Blitz made all sorts of connections between the Super Blood Wolf Moon and history, telling WND, “Trump was born on the night of June 14, 1946, within 15 minutes of a total lunar eclipse and 700 days before the state of Israel was established. When he was sworn in as president on January 20, 2017, he was 70-years-old, seven months and seven days. Also, very significantly, the Super Blood Moon also falls on the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat. Even more significant is the fact that there was another Blood Moon on Tu B’Shevat last year! Last year the blood moon was seen over the Middle East and this year will be seen over the U.S.”

Blitz continued. “The Bible says that everything is to be established by two or three witnesses,” “As a matter of fact the Bible says in Psalms 89 that God’s covenant with Israel and King David is forever and the sun and the moon are to be His faithful witnesses in heaven confirming that,” he added.

The Pastor then cited several passages in Zechariah (6, 1:7), Leviticus (19:23-25), and Revelations (6), and noted that based on his Biblical analysis, this Super Wolf Blood Moon indicates, not the end of the world, but a war in the Middle East. He said, “I’m not saying it is the end of the world or that anything will happen on the 20th. I am saying the patterns show this year could possibly bring a war to the Middle East but Israel will be victorious and we may see a declaration for the rebuilding of the Temple.”

Photo courtesy: Anders Jilden/Unsplash