Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Cases in April

Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Cases in April

The Supreme Court announced that it will hear the gay marriage cases of four states in April. The justices are also expected to make a decision if all Americans can marry a member of the same sex. 

The four states that will present same-sex marriage cases to the Supreme Court are Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. 

Fox News reports that gay marriage is legal in 36 states as well as the District of Columbia, leaving 14 states will same-sex marriage bans still in place. Louisiana is the only state which has had its gay marriage ban upheld by a federal judge. 

The Supreme Court will reportedly extend the time for arguments from one hour to two and a half hours for the April cases. The justices will discuss the Constitutional legality of same-sex marriage and if states should recognizes gay marriages performed out of state. 

Publication date: January 19, 2015