Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Church's Right to Post Road Signs

Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Church's Right to Post Road Signs

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of an Arizona church that was prevented from posting roadside signs by town restrictions. 

The Christian Post reports the town of Gilbert prevented Good News Presbyterian Church from posting signs that advertised the congregation’s worship time and phone number. According to the town’s sign policy, non-commercial event signs were restricted by size and how long they can be posted. Ideological signs and political signs have less restrictions. 

The justices unanimously ruled that the town’s sign restrictions were a violation of freedom on speech. 

Justice Clarence Thomas said, "If anything, a sharply worded ideological sign seems more likely to distract a driver than a sign directing the public to a nearby church meeting.”

Legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) represented Good News Presbyterian in the lawsuit. 

ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman said after the decision, "The Supreme Court's unanimous ruling is a victory for everyone's freedom of speech. Speech discrimination is wrong regardless of whether the government intended to violate the First Amendment or not, and it doesn't matter if the government thinks its discrimination was well-intended. It's still government playing favorites, and that's unconstitutional."

Publication date: June 19, 2015