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Survey Claims Christians Demand Accuracy for Biblical Films

Survey Claims Christians Demand Accuracy for Biblical Films

A survey has concluded that Christian moviegoers want to see films that are biblically accurate. The poll, conducted by Christian News Service and American Insights, found that “historical and biblical accuracy is important” to most Christians.

“This poll was conducted for the purpose of guiding the film and television industry in its production of both historically-based films and movies that explore questions about God. The results clearly show that the public will not be toyed with in regard to accuracy in both biblical and historical accounts,” said president and CEO of Christian News Service Russ Jones. 

Specific findings of the survey included the following: 

  • 79 percent of Christian respondents indicated the importance of biblical accuracy for Christian films
  • 74 percent of Christian respondents said they are likely to see a Christian film
  • 80 percent of Christian respondents said they were interested to the the coming “Exodus” film if it is biblically accurate
  • If “Exodus” does not follow scripture, only 29 percent of Christian respondents were interested in viewing the film

Executive producer of the upcoming biblical film “NICAEA” Charles Parlato said, “The results are clear. Hollywood must look at this poll and acknowledge that the audience it seeks to serve must in every way be respected, and that respect includes the deeply held beliefs of that audience. The true artist can ask probing questions, but the questions must be asked honestly and must reflect historical and Biblical accuracy. We should not be surprised by the poll results. They simply affirm common sense.”

The survey polled 1200 adults; 63 percent of those interviewed identified themselves as Christians. 

Publication date: June 11, 2014