Switchfoot Makes a Comeback One Year after Announcing Hiatus

  • Kayla Koslosky Former ChristianHeadlines.com Editor
  • Updated Oct 26, 2018
Switchfoot Makes a Comeback One Year after Announcing Hiatus

Christian rock band Switchfoot made a comeback last Friday by dropping their first song since announcing their hiatus last year. 

The rock band, which had vowed to take a hiatus “for the foreseeable future,” announced the release of a new album titled Native Tongue which is set to come out on January 18, by releasing the album’s title track. 

According to The Christian Beat, the Granny winning rock band’s frontman Jon Foreman wrote the song “Native Tongue” with the bassist Tim Foreman and One Republic’s Bret Kutzle. 

The group also decided to release the tracklist for their upcoming album on social media. Switchfoot members took to Twitter with a photo of a handwritten tracklist and captioned it, “Here are the tracks of our rock-&-roll love letter to you.”

The album’s first single tells a story of how love must overcome hate in such a divided world. The lyrics read: “Back before we learned the words to start a fight / Back before they told us that the haters were right / He spoke the truth, "let there be" and there was / Love is the language, love is your native tongue.”

The Christian Beat reports that Foreman wrote this song with the polarization of the world in mind. Forman said, "These are polarizing times, where the loudest voice is often the voice of anger or fear. This album is an attempt to sing that hope into life. To bring a group of diverse songs under one common banner. Hatred is not your native language. Love is your Native Tongue.” 

Native Tongue will boast 14-songs and was recorded primarily at Melody League Studios in San Diego, California. The album is expected to include a wide range of music from hard-hitting anthems to more reflective songs.

The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, on Vinyl and on CD. 

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Ethan Miller/Staff

Video courtesy: Switchfoot