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Teaching Jesus is Son of God Could Become Criminalized in UK

Teaching Jesus is Son of God Could Become Criminalized in UK

A top theologian has warned that Christian teaching could become “criminalized” in the UK, under British Prime Minister David Cameron’s new anti-extremism orders. Rev. Mike Ovey, principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London, said that the policy, which is intended to defend democracy and tolerance, could be used against traditional Christian teaching. 

Ovey, a former lawyer, said that teaching Jesus is the son of God and pro-life teaching could be some of the Christian ideas that are threatened under the “Extremism Disruption Orders.” 

"As a lawyer I think it is a disaster area and as a Christian believer and teacher I think it is a disaster area. There has got be a better way to do it,” he said. 

He continued, "That is essentially a government saying trust us with your civil liberties. I would say, frankly, human experience tells us the last thing you ever want to do is trust a government with your civil liberties.” 

The Christian Post reports Cameron identifies as a Christian, and said this past Easter that Christianity is "the bedrock of a good society." 

Publication date: June 18, 2015