Tebow Returns to ESPN as Analyst after Being Cut by Eagles

Tebow Returns to ESPN as Analyst after Being Cut by Eagles

After he was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles roster last week, Tim Tebow is set to return to ESPN as an analyst.

Tebow will be an analyst on ESPN’s entertainment show “SEC Nation.” He will work alongside Joe Tessitore, Marcus Spears, Paul Finebaum, Kaylee Hartung, and former New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy, according to The Christian Post.

Tebow had previously been hired by ESPN for a spot on “SEC Nation” in 2013 before he again returned to the football field. ESPN Executive Vice President John Wildhack said he saved a place for Tebow on the show in case he returned to broadcasting.

Tebow was signed by the Eagles in April and competed for the position of the team’s third string quarterback with fourth-round draft pick Matt Barkley.

Although sports critics and fans alike noticed improvement in Tebow’s playing ability over the summer, Eagles coach Chip Kelly ultimately decided that Tebow still needed more playing time before he was ready for the NFL. 

Tebow responded graciously to being cut from the team and said he was blessed for the opportunity the Eagles gave him.

Matt Yoder wrote on AwfulAnnouncing.com that “He's still a very affable personality that should resonate with college football fans moving forward, especially in the SEC."

Tebow is set to start with “SEC Nation” on Saturday.

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Publication date: September 11, 2015