Ted Cruz: The Far Left Hates Christians

Ted Cruz: The Far Left Hates Christians

In a recent interview on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stated that the “far left” has a deeply ingrained hostility toward Christianity.

The Christian Post reports that Sean Hannity, host of the show, asked Cruz about his campaign, Islam, and Christianity.

“The far left has always had a strong anti-American streak and it’s always had an antipathy for Christians,” Cruz stated.

Cruz also described the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s words denouncing America as “stomach turning.”

Cruz then went on to describe the academic climate in which Obama was brought up while at Harvard Law School.

“I've described Obama as the prefect Harvard Law School president because he reflects the views of the elite academy," said Cruz. "When Obama and I were both students there were fewer professors on the Harvard Law School faculty that were Republicans than there were communists. More professors would say they are Marxists if you ask them. That's the world Obama came from,” Cruz continued.

Cruz also came down hard on establishment Republicans, accusing them of not challenging the Obama Administration enough.

The Christian Post reports that Cruz is currently one of only three GOP candidates who are polling in the double digits. Donald Trump is leading the polls with 24 percent of the vote, Ben Carson is second, with 23 percent, and Cruz has 10 percent. 

Publication date: October 15, 2015