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Tennessee Pastor Recovers Undamaged Piano from Church Destroyed by Tornado

  • Amanda Casanova ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor
  • Published Apr 16, 2020
Tennessee Pastor Recovers Undamaged Piano from Church Destroyed by Tornado

A church’s piano in Chattanooga, Tennessee was left untouched after a tornado blew through the area Sunday.

According to WKRN News, Cornerstone Apostolic Church was one of about 150 buildings in the city damaged when the EF-3 tornado hit Sunday night. Two people were killed and many were injured.

An EF-3 tornado has winds between 136 mph to 165 mph and is considered severe.

While the church was cleaning up the damage, church pastor Raymond Sloan found the piano, which had belonged to the church’s previous pastor.

“The wall in the entry had fallen and it covered everything,” the pastor said. “One of the men said we need to see what’s under this and there stood this piano.

“He sat down and started playing it and everybody in there starting singing,” he added. “No echo because the roof’s gone, but the spirit of unity.”

Sloan says he will move the piano to his dining room until the church finds a new place to worship.

“We’re still giving to the community,” he said. “As a church, we have a place set up to where we’re giving out water, food, we’ve got cleaning supplies. We’re trying to give back to the community because we have a ton of houses that are without power, needs.

“We’re praying for them, but we’re also giving slices of pizza to them or buckets of cleaning supplies or things for them to use at home. So, we’re receiving, and then we are taking what we have to help others around us to make sure that they have what they need as well.”

The tornado slammed into Putnam County late Easter Sunday and into Monday. Some 30 people were killed across six states, according to Fox News.

"The human toll of this is extremely difficult," Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said at a news conference.


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Photo courtesy: WKRN News screenshot

Video courtesy: WKRN News

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