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Texas Proposes Series of Anti-LGBT Laws

Texas Proposes Series of Anti-LGBT Laws

Texas legislators have proposed several new bills that would ultimately restrict LGBT rights, which has led one LGBT rights activist to state, “It’s an all-out assault on LGBT people.”

USA Today reports that one of the new bills would make it legal to decline adoption services to members of the LGBT community. Another would deny marriage licenses to gay couples. Yet another would mandate that transgender individuals must use the public restroom corresponding to their biological gender.

Proponents of the new legislation say the purpose is to protect religious freedom rights of citizens and to make public restrooms safe. However, LGBT activists believe quite the opposite.

These activists point to 24 bills introduced into the Texas legislature this session which they say restrict LGBT rights.

“This is the most number of specifically anti-LGBT bills that we’ve ever faced. It’s an all-out assault on LGBT people,” stated Chuck Smith, the president of Equality Texas.

The so-called “bathroom bill” has already caused nationwide controversy after North Carolina implemented a similar measure.

Despite the controversy that follows these sorts of bills, the Republican-led Texas legislature is forging ahead--and other states are following.

State lawmakers in 30 states have this year introduced 131 anti-LGBT bills.


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Publication date: May 16, 2017