'The Gospel Stands Opposed to Racism': Evangelical Scholars Sign Statement Condemning Racism

  • Amanda Casanova ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor
  • Published Jun 16, 2020
'The Gospel Stands Opposed to Racism': Evangelical Scholars Sign Statement Condemning Racism

Racism is “contrary to the evangelical Gospel,” some two dozen evangelical scholars said in a statement released this week.

“Today’s situation requires more than a statement, but certainly no less than a statement, said the “Evangelical Statement on the Gospel and Racism," according to the Christian Post. “As evangelical academic voices, we condemn racism as contrary to Scripture and to the evangelical gospel.”

Signees of the statement included members of the Evangelical Theological Society’s executive committee. ETS is a professional association of scholars, teachers, pastors and students committed to the written expression of theological thought and research.

Some of the members part of the statement include Craig Keener, ETS president and Asbury Theological Seminary professor; Gregg Allison, Southern Baptist Theology professor; and Al Mohler, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president. Mohler is also ERS president-elect and program chair.

More than 150 teachers and church leaders have signed the statement.

The mission is to “listen, mourn, speak, and act in accordance with the gospel in our own lives, in our institutions, in our churches and in our communities.

“As we grieved over recent events in our communities, we realized that although a statement is insufficient, it is necessary.

“We are compelled to declare that the Gospel stands opposed to racism, and so, too, must people of the Gospel.”

The statement says that people are meant to become “one body in Christ.”

“Scripture does not discriminate by color, and, on the most common understanding of Acts 8, the first Gentile convert may have been Black and from Africa.”

President of the International Alliance for Christian Education David Dockery said he hopes the statement starts “racial reconciliation in the church and in society.”

The statement comes following weeks of protesting for police reform after a Black man died when a White police officer pressed his knee into the man’s neck.

The officer has been fired and arrested.


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