The Six Clergy Members Who Will Preside over Trump's Inauguration

The Six Clergy Members Who Will Preside over Trump's Inauguration

The list of clergy who will preside over the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 20 has been released.

According to, the six clergy members are Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Rev. Franklin Graham, and Pastor Paula White.

“Since the first inaugural ceremony, our leaders have paid tribute to the blessings of liberty that have been bestowed upon our country and its people,” Committee Chairman Tom Barrack said in a statement, according to “I am pleased to announce that a diverse set of faith leaders will offer readings and prayers at the swearing-in of President-elect Trump and honor the vital role religious faith plays in our multicultural, vibrant nation.”

A few of these individuals, particularly White and Graham, were instrumental in carrying Trump to victory on Election Day.

“Taken together, [Graham and White] have embodied Trump’s embrace of the twinned ideologies of Christian nationalism and capitalist Christianity,” Kevin Kruse, a history professor at Princeton University and author of One Nation Under God, told Christianity Today.

Each of these ministers will pray and give readings during Trump’s inauguration. They each represent a different religious group. Dolan is a Catholic, Hier a Jewish rabbi, Jackson a spokesman for African-American Christians, Rodriguez the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Graham a well known Christian evangelist and head of humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse, and White a televangelist who has prayed over Trump a number of times during his campaign.


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Publication date: December 29, 2016