Tim Tebow Gives Inspiring Talk at Recent Passion Conference

Tim Tebow Gives Inspiring Talk at Recent Passion Conference

Over 32,000 students attended this year’s Passion Conference, and Christian athlete and celebrity Tim Tebow spoke at one of the conference’s sessions.

Tebow discussed his personal history and testimony. He told the story of how his parents were given advice to abort him, but they trusted God throughout the pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy, though initially malnourished, baby.

God was certainly with the Tebow family as Tebow grew to be strong both physically and spiritually.

Tebow also shared with the audience why, as a football player, he would often write a Bible verse under his eyes as a way of stepping out in faith. What began as a small, personal representation of faith, however, quickly turned into a nationwide phenomenon as 94 million people watching the football game ended up googling John 3:16 which Tebow had printed below his eyes.

“The God that we serve is just so much bigger than that, and He can take the games we’re involved in, the jobs we have, the things that we’re doing, and He can transcend them to be so much more than that….He can take the little things that we do, when we step out in faith, when we step out in courage, when we just decide it’s okay to be a little bit different….but watch how God uses that in your life and the people around you, because I know he’s used it in my life a lot.”

To listen to Tebow’s entire discussion at the Passion Conference, see below. 


Photo courtesy: Facebook/Tim Tebow

Publication date: January 8, 2018