Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital is Able to Help 5-Year-Old Burn Victim When Others Can’t

Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital is Able to Help 5-Year-Old Burn Victim When Others Can’t

The Tim Tebow CURE hospital in the Philippines was recently able to help a 5-year-old girl who had suffered severe burns.

When Jocy was only 19 months old she was severely burned in a home fire, reports The Christian Post. Although she survived the fire, afterwards she needed complicated surgery and skin grafts which her family was not able to afford. The local hospital where the family lived was only able to give the little girl ointment for the burns, so Jocy’s arms ended up healing so that she had little movement in them.

Her mother was devastated that she was unable to do more to help her daughter who was now unable to attend school and play like other children.

That’s when Jocy’s family was referred to the Tim Tebow CURE hospital in Davao City, Philippines. The hospital specializes in catering to children with disabilities, and providing both physical and spiritual care. Jocy was welcomed into the hospital and was given intensive repair surgery to see if she could get motion back in her arms.

The surgery was a success. "Now, I can see Jocy's very happy. She's happy all the time," said Judith, Jocy's mom.

Recently Tebow, who is a former football star and now an aspiring baseball star, but who says his true work is to help children like Jocy, spoke to an audience about Jocy and the work the CURE hospital is doing.

"We want to fight for kids, like Jocy, who can't fight for themselves,” said Tebow. “Because every single person is worth it. They are worth love. They are worth us giving what we have for them. Ultimately, what is more important? What is going to be bigger? What is going to be better than giving someone hope, and that is what is happening everyday at the Tebow CURE Hospital.”


Photo courtesy: Facebook/Tim Tebow

Publication date: August 11, 2017