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Tomorrow (Oct. 6) is Bring Your Bible to School Day

Tomorrow (Oct. 6) is Bring Your Bible to School Day

Tomorrow (Oct. 6) is the third annual Bring Your Bible to School Day, and students around the country will be using their Bibles as opportunities to start conversations about faith.

Mission Network News notes that, in a culture that often restricts religious freedom, Bring Your Bible to School Day offers an opportunity for students to boldly share their Christian faith.

“I’m very excited about this day because it will be a day when literally hundreds of thousands of school children bring their Bible to school and use that time to witness for Jesus and make a statement about the role the Bible has to play in our society,” said Carl Moeller, CEO of Biblica, one of the organizations that supports the initiative.

“It’s really going to allow students to express their beliefs and to do it in a way that’s respectful and it demonstrates the love of Christ for those around them,” Moeller added. “I think students will lead the way for the rest of their peers and really provide an example of spiritual boldness, taking a stand for Christ, and having that true positive spirit that comes from being aligned and in love with Jesus Christ.”

Bringing their Bibles to school has opened doors for many students to start conversations about faith in the past.

Moeller shared one such story: “[The student] said, ‘I opened up my book bag and I pulled my Bible out to get my notebook, and somebody said, ‘What’s that?’ and I said, ‘Well, this is my Bible,’ and they said, ‘Can you bring that to school?!’’ Almost like it was a handgun! And in fact, she said, ‘Yes, this is where my faith is.’ The young girl got to share her faith with her friend.”

This year, around 300,000 students will be participating in the event.

To learn more, or to sign up to bring your Bible to school, visit the Bring Your Bible to School website.


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Publication date: October 5, 2016