Tracy Morgan Opens Up about How Trip to Heaven Changed Him

Tracy Morgan Opens Up about How Trip to Heaven Changed Him

Tracy Morgan has opened up about the car accident that killed his friend and left him in a coma for two weeks in 2014. Speaking with Oprah Winfrey for her “Super Soul Sunday” series, Morgan said that he visited heaven during his coma, an experience that changed him for good. 

Morgan told Oprah that he saw his father who died in 1987. 

Morgan said, "I was talking to my dad, he had this green… this green thing on. And I just remember him saying, 'I'm not ready for you, son.'"

The Christian Post reports that Morgan’s experience in heaven taught him that people are meant to take care of one another while on earth. 

“I told my wife that the other day. Something's different. The way I am with people, something's just different... I find myself saying 'I love you' 200 times a day to strangers. I don't care. I don't gotta know you to love you — I love you!” Morgan said. 

"That's how we're supposed to be as human beings. We're supposed to take care of each other. What we see sometimes down here on Earth, ain't no room for that up in Heaven! Ain't no room for it."

The car accident involving Morgan’s limo occurred in June 2014. The limo was hit by a tractor trailer, whose driver had not slept in over 24 hours. Morgan’s friend and colleague James McNair died in the accident. Morgan sustained injuries, along with three others. 

Publication date: April 12, 2016